NEW DOUBLE ALBUM “in a continuum”
will be released as double tape
6th of November 2020.

Late Bloøm

Late Bloøm creates cinematic soundscapes, which leads the listener into new spectrums of deep self experience through music. Because of the heavy droning and repetition of various soundtextures, the listener can experience heavy flashes like from shamanic rituals.
Late Bloøm’s music is inspired by many great musicians such as “Tim Becker”, “Arvo Pärt” & “Bohren & Der Club of Gore”.
He makes music to serve the listener with joy, happines, selfreflection, relaxation and journey through space (and maybe time).

Two new albums will be released November 6th on “Neologist Productions” called “Symphony Of A Blooming Field & Pulsing Planets” & “One Who Knows” - stay tuned!

Late Bloøm is supported by Stadt Aarau “young & fresh”.

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